Oregon Coast Newsletter – June 2018

//Oregon Coast Newsletter – June 2018

Oregon Coast Newsletter – June 2018

The Best Resume Tips for 2018

As the entire job application process is becoming increasingly digitized, job applicants are racing to catch up. The year 2018 has seen some resume trends on the rise – like adding hyperlinks to your resume or building it with a template. But also, some resume tips never get old, like keeping it one page, simple, and sweet. Here are some of the best tips on resume-building that we’ve culled – use them to springboard your job search!

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Atlas Edge Staffing Services

So Why Water after the Massage

First off, massages are dehydrating. Kneading and working muscle gets fluid pumping out of the soft tissue and into your circulatory system, where it heads toward your kidneys. That’s why many people have to pee right after a massage. (Naumann Carlstrom says some of her clients can’t get up from the table fast enough.) You have to replenish all that lost water – by drinking more.

Then there’s the issue of metabolic waste, which is produced by muscles in the course of everyday function. When your muscles are tight or you’ve got a major knot, it constricts circulation in those areas, inhibiting the body’s ability to flush out this waste. And, since tight muscles are probably what prompted you to make a massage appointment in the first place, changes are you’ve got some comprised circulation happening. Massage relaxes the tension, releasing the circulatory pathways and allowing nitrogenous metabolic waste to dump into the system. Drinking provides your kidneys with the water they need to effectively eliminate the newly liberated waste. So, once again, it comes back to pee.

Spa Culture
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7 Most Common Plumbing MistakesFor many homeowners, a plumbing problem is high on the list of please don’t let it happen to me issues. However, at some point, everybody will experience a plumbing issue, whether it’s something simple like a clog, or something more dire such as a flood. How you approach issues when they occur, and how you repair your plumbing, is crucial to minimizing these unpleasant occurrences.

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Mast Bros. Towing & Recovery Collision Repair

Mast Bros Towing and Recovery also has an ICAR certified Collision repair facility. Our highly skilled technicians will restore your vehicle to pre-crash condition in a timely manner. Our paint specialist can match any color paint to insure that the newly painted surfaces are an exact match to the rest of the vehicle. Our detail crew will clean the interior and exterior of the vehicle, and when you get it back it will look new. Our billing staff can work with any insurance, and our prices are competitive. We also have rental and loaner vehicles to keep you mobile while your car is in being repaired. If you are in need of collision repair call Mast Bros.

Mast Brothers Towing and Recovery
Ken Ware Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC
Tips for Buying an Investment Property

Buying an investment property with hopes of making income from rent or flipping the home for a profit is a somewhat different process than buying a home to live in. Often buying a home for flipping involves a quick transaction with cash or a ready to use line of credit used to purchase the home. When buying a home with the intent of renting it out for income the lender will look at your credit worthiness and asset base. Residential rental properties require active management and the legal requirements for dealing with residential tenants are much stricter than they are for commercial tenants. By understanding what is involved in the process of buying an investment property for rental income or with the intent of flipping for a profit you put yourself in a better position to make a smart decision as opposed to one that could cost you money in the long run.

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Bayshore Paints

Countersun Mineral Sunscreen by Beautycounter

Did you know 77% of the sun damage that happens in a lifetime occurs before you’re 18? Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Mist and Stick make applying sunscreen so quick and easy that you won’t mind adding it to you and your family’s daily routine.

Contact Kim for a private consultation at 541.290.4010 today!

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Wayne’s Color Centre
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Kate Emerson – Loan Officer

Your Foundation Specialist from Florence to Port Orford

Harold Thompson Construction specializes in Foundation Repair, Home Re-leveling, Flat Roof Coating and Dry Rot Repair. We have over 25 years of experience. Give us a call or book our free on-site inspection at 541-396-2600.

Harold Thompson Construction

Little Caesars unveils Pizza Portal

Little Caesars now has the Pizza Portal at both Coos Bay and North Bend locations. The Pizza Portal is a machine that allows customers to skip the line, grab their pizza and go. Pizza lovers need only download the app and pay for their food. Next, they’ll receive a code. Once at the store, they enter or scan the code to open a self-service hot box, skipping the line and finishing their transaction in a few seconds.

Credit: Kellie Ell, USA TODAY, Published Aug 7, 2017

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North Bend Powersports and UTV Takeover

North Bend Powersports will be participating in the 2018 UTV Takevoer at Box Car Hill Camp Ground June 27th – July 1st as a Team Sponsor. Make sure to stop by our booth at Polaris in Vendor Row! Come in and visit our shop at 2136 Stanton St, North Bend, OR 97459 and check out the huge selection of ATV’s 450-1000.

North Bend Powersports

Grand Opening of New Mental Health Center!

Waterfall Community Health Center had the Grand Opening of its New Mental Health facility on Friday, June 1. With the expansion of Mental Health Services, Waterfall is accepting new patients!!!! We take Medicare, Third Party Insurance, uninsured, and have time of service discount. We are proud to provide integrated care that includes a behavioral health consultant in our primary care services. The integrated care model allows opportunity for our patients to actively engage in comprehensive healthcare. Please come by or call for an appointment.

Waterfall Community Health Center

What is a Living Trust?

A living trust certainly sounds like something that only makes sense for the super wealthy. But you needn’t count a yacht or a third home in Napa Valley among your assets to make one work in your estate planning. Regardless of your income level, a living trust offers certain advantages that, for example, a will does not. But before considering whether a living trust makes sense for you, let’s start with the basics.

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Linet Samson, MAM

Laser Hair Removal

Goals of permanent hair reduction and the technology used here at Oregon Coast Plastic Surgery:
The normal hair growth cycle is compromised of three stages: active growth- Anagen, transition- Catagen, and resting- Telogen. Hair follicles go through these cycles in a non-synchronized manner. Long-term hair removal has to affect hair in the active cycle of its growth, the “Anagen” phase. All long-term hair removal methods target hair at this stage.

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Taxpayers Warned of Largest ever Phone Fraud Scam from IRS Imposters

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) is warning taxpayers to beware of phone calls from individuals who claim to represent the Internal Revenue Service, but in reality are trying to defraud them, in what it is saying is the largest ever scam it has seen to date.

Michael A. Gordon, CPA

Welcome to Bay Area Athletic Club!

The premier club in the Coos Bay/North Bend area. We are conveniently located in Empire and offer a variety of programs to suit everyone from children to seniors. Be sure to check us out if you are in the area!

Bay Area Athletic Club is located just blocks from the Pacific Ocean. We are proud of our facility and would like to show you what we have to offer.

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4 Super-Easy Curb Appeal Projects to Max Out Your Home’s Value

You know your yard has some super curb appeal potential, but where to begin?
Below are four projects with so much curb-appeal juice, any money you invest in them is likely to pay you back much more.

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